Some Pastor You Are!

"Some Pastor you are." Sadly this thought has crossed my mind, made it to the tip of my tongue and out my mouth. Has anyone else had this thought come to mind, when the pastor messes up or makes you mad? I hate to admit it, but it's true. I have fallen victim to the enemy's lies, and in return have spatted them at my husband. Lies that he has to be perfect, flawless, and the perfect husband and father in order to be a perfect pastor. 

These words are death. Placing expectations on him as a father, husband, and pastor, hurts both me and him. Not only am I feeding him the lie, but I am placing the weight of perfection on his shoulders. I am making him feel inadequate, and not good enough. Truly, I should win an award as pastor's wife y'all...

None of us are perfect. Not even the pastor. We know that better than anyone, am I right? And thank goodness we aren't perfect, because then we wouldn't need a Savior! We all need this reminder. I know I do, especially when he makes me mad, and so often flames of fire come to the tip of my tongue ready to burn anything around. However, had I set my mind on whatever is lovely and pure (Philippians 4:8,) then the other thoughts would have never struck a match to my tongue.

We have to be careful not to place expectations on the pastor. We have to attempt with everything in us, to water those flames with love, peace, and joy. That way, we speak life over the pastor and instead of believing death, we choose to believe goodness and truth. None of us are perfect, including the pastor. The greatest possible thing we could do as a pastor's wife is pray for our husband, encourage him, and speak truth over him. He needs it, you know that!

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor