Take Up Your Sword!

Pastors' wives, I am not sure if we are just targets for criminal activity or if it's just me. After being arrested last year, I thought it would be the highlight of my life, however I am here to tell you it gets even crazier. Before I get into the story let me start it off with telling you about the sermon I heard this past Sunday.

The pastor was preaching on how when we start making differences in the kingdom, we become huge targets for the enemy. That we shouldn't run in fear, but dig our heels in deeper doing what we are doing to further the kingdom of Jesus! It was a great reminder, and actually spoke strait to my heart about the incident I had happen nearly two months ago that left me afraid and running. 

I was in a high speed car chase. Yes, you heard that right. My husband likes to picture me as one of the cars from Fast and Furious, but this was clearly not the case since I drive what I call a bus. The story begins in June, when had to move out of the house we were living in. We knew the time had come for us to leave our hometown and make the move to Knoxville. Me and the kids went ahead for two weeks to start looking for a house to live in, while Jim stayed back and finished up work. I began to meet lots of lost people, and was making incredible connections. We were really seeing Jesus move, and were getting super excited to finally live in the city God had placed on our hearts the year prior.

One day, I was driving around looking at houses I was going to be viewing. I had about an hour of extra time to spare, so I was scoping out the road and seeing if it was where we wanted to be. When there was a gentleman cursing at what I assume was his girlfriend as I was driving by looking at houses for the address numbers. I made the loop back around, because I missed the house, when I notice they are a few cars down staring in my direction. As I drive away, this is the point when the chase begins. I call Jim, he tells me to call 911.

So I call 911. I am starting to get terrified at this point. I try to explain to the kind lady on the other end, where I am. She insists I stop and wait on a police officer, when I tell her I can't stop that I have four small children in my car and I am worried what they might do. I make it to a stop light, when things shift. The man jumps out of the car and charges my car at full on running speed. I run the stop light, and now have reached adrenaline mode. Spatting off streets as I pull down them. I am running red lights, driving down oncoming traffic, and speeding. Whatever I have to do to get away, and not stop, because now I realize they mean business and if I stop he is coming at me.

Long, scary story short. I start circling a building several times, because this keeps me from having to stop at stop signs, run red lights, and drive into oncoming traffic. They realize what I am doing when he hops out to meet me on the other side while she chases me. After, one final attempt to lose them, I veer off the other direction, run a red light and lose them. 6 minutes later. YES, it was that long of a terrifying car chase! 6 minutes later, I am run out of Historic North Knoxville. The neighborhood we feel called to. 

Out of fear, I wanted to sell our vehicle, get it painted, put a huge sticker on it, just whatever we could to not be recognized. Unfortunately, all of those things were not logical. So, I have stayed out of the area unless Jim is with me. I have been terrified to stop at any market, or park in the neighborhood for fear they will see my car. I have been living in fear, and have let my fear keep me from doing what Jesus has called me to.

Before this incident, incredible things were happening. We were seeing God move in HUGE ways. I had so many amazing encounters with lost people. And well, the enemy knew it. I had become a huge target to him. I was run out of that neighborhood! & fear was keeping me from going back. 

Pastors and pastors' wives, you may not have been arrested, or have been in a car chase....But, I am sure the enemy has used something in your life to bring fear. After all, you are a huge target for the kingdom. And, he knows fear is crippling. Fortunately, we as Christ followers can see it for what it is and we know Christ already won. So, I would encourage myself and you to take that fear, give it to Jesus, and go running strait back to the area in your life which you are seeing Christ move and cling to Him. 

I heard someone ask at a church planter assessment in GA last week this, and I love it.

What extraordinary measures are you going to take as a pastor and pastor's wife, to finish strong?

Fear will keep us from finishing. Don't let it! Take up your sword, and charge the hill!

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor