Be 1 Of The 1,000

As Church Planters, many of you have, are currently, or know all about fundraising. You know what it takes to start a church. You've been there. It takes Jesus, a willing heart, and whether we want to admit it or not, the funds. Funds for set-up costs, equipment, location costs, and more. 

We can all relate to being asked to give to something. Whether, we buy girl scout cookies to support a troop. Support a youth student feeling called to go into missions over seas for a summer. Or, throw change in the bucket for a homeless person. We are bombarded daily with putting out more money. And, I am sure we can all relate to the one thought that comes to mind. "Someone else will support them, and give them what they need."

This may be true. Someone else may give to the cause. However, if 90% have that same thought, then the cause is missing 90% of the funds. "There’s nothing you and I have that God needs. God doesn’t want to take the funds/offering. God doesn’t want to take our money. Because, God doesn’t need our money. On the other hand, God has let go of everything. He sent His Son to give us life and breath and freedom. To set us free from our chains, from our bondage, from what enslaved us. To deliver us out of death and into life. To give us Himself."

So in response to all He’s done we say, “God I want the world to know about Jesus. So I’m going to give into this House. I’m going to give to Send Me Knoxville because I believe here my money will be multiplied to help the city and the world come to know Jesus. At the end of the day, when I stand in heaven I’m going to know that money wasn’t lost. That money was gained because it multiplied itself over and over again into people’s lives."