EasyGoing Pastor's Wife

I am not a scheduled, live by the calendar kind of person. I love flexibility, and all the freedom it gives me. I didn't marry into structure either. Both my husband and I are probably wired this way because of the calling He has given us. If we were structured, and had our calendars booked weeks, or months out it would leave no room for Him to move among our church planting lifestyle. We have planted a church before, so we know first hand what is is like to be a Florea movement VS a Jesus movement.

All that goes to say, the Lord has been showing me lately the fruit of a structured life also. Our life in our house is busy, chaotic, and fast paced. We are constantly with people, vision casting, working on a church building (renovating,) having family time, sermon prepping, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, taking care of four little people, breathing, running errands, paying bills, sleeping, exercising, praying & so on. ON REPEAT. If there isn't a little bit of structure in there, burn-out, and emotional levels increase.


  • I will never be the scheduled mom who has to rush home to get her kids to nap/bedtime at a certain time. If we miss a nap one day, or all week...IT IS TOTALLY FINE. There is freedom in that. But, those days and weeks we have a nap and meet our 1pm schedule, I will enjoy the freedom in that too.
  • I will never be the scheduled wife to plan our calendar out months in advance. (My calendar on my table that I bought from target that is cute and dry erase currently says OCTOBER) If that is you, GO YOU. If that is not you, GO YOU TOO. Success is not defined by a full calendar.
  • I will probably always love to be on the go taking my kids to the park, library, zoo, or wherever on a daily basis with no schedule on the spur of the moment. Life is more fun that way. However, some days it is wonderful to spend the day at home and plan on a zoo date for the following day. There is freedom in both.
  • I will probably never set an alarm, and always sleep in as long as possible and then get myself and four little people ready for where we are going within thirty minutes or less. I enjoy sleep and so do my kids. I don't get stressed easily, so this routine is doable for us. However, there have been a few times I have gotten clothes out the night before on occasion and woken up from my husband's alarm before, and I have seen the difference it has as well.

Whatever works for you and your family, you do your thing. If it gets out of whack, and you all start to feel bogged down, then switch it up. There is freedom in flexibility, and there is freedom in structure. Finding your balance will give you more space to breathe and have wiggle room. Give yourself grace. & dont envy, or look down on others for how they do life. I know I use to think structured people were a bunch of koo-koo people trying to prove something by a full calendar. Maybe it is the case, maybe it isn't. But who am I to judge if it works for them?!

Pastors' wives you know first hand what busy looks like. Breathe, and give yourself grace as you figure out what works best. Seasons change quickly for us, and sometimes our lifestyle in how we do life needs to change to accompany it. If you are starting to feel burnt-out, stressed out, bogged down, and overwhelmed then it is time to look at your full calendar, or dust off the one that still says October.

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor