Catch up on all things I Sleep With The Pastor.

We moved to Knoxville nearly three months ago! The things God has done in the short two months of being here has been completely mind blowing. I wish I could share with you the newest news. However, it will be shared in the days to come. Our biggest prayer through this church plant has been that,  we would see things happen that are SO GRAND, and SO BIG, that only God could do it! And, boy have we!

We have felt like we have been here forever, with all the busyness and amazing circumstances and people we have been surrounded by. Knoxville has felt like home, and we could not be more thankful for being a small part of it all. Not only have we been dreaming during this phase of church planting for the church, but we have been dreaming of what is next for I Sleep With The Pastor. 

While juggling mom, homeschool, pastor's wife, friend, daughter, and so on. I am really trying to pray through getting back in the groove of my daily blog writing. I also have a title for my first book, and some amazing ideas for the content. I cannot wait to see it unfold, and get it into the hands of all of you. We plan to update the shirt with a NEW design. While I love the old design, I am feeling something fresh and new. In the future, we may have limited shirts of the old original one. However, I have the design, and I am currently working on finding a new style of shirt to go with it. Hoping to have it come out early next month, in November, with pre-orders being available to you later this month. 

I think of you pastors' wives often, and pray for you. Y'all are an amazing bunch and I am thankful for your willingness in laying your life down for the people around you. Keep encouraging one another, and praying for your fellow sisters nationwide and internationally all around the world. We are in this together! 

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor