I Forgot How To Pray!

I forgot how to pray. I know. You're thinking, you are a pastor's wife, you forgot how to pray? Sadly, I must admit, yes. But praying is simple, you just talk to God. How did you forget how to pray? Forgetting didn't take years, months, or even weeks. Forgetting how to pray happened unexpectedly, in a day even. 

Sunday, as I sat and listened to the sermon on prayer. The words came, "some people kneel by their bed and pray. Some people need a quiet still space. However, I have to be moving when I pray. In the stillness I can get distracted." So I started thinking back to when was my time with Jesus was what I wanted it to be. Then it hit me. I am a mover. I recently had a baby. I couldn't run or ride my bike to pray like I did before I got pregnant. So when I would pray quietly still in my room, a million distractions would flood in. I was confused to why my prayer time was so hard for me. Why I felt dry, and distracted. I thought something was wrong. I felt terrible for not being able to stay focused.

So, yesterday I ran my little heart out for the first time in over nine months. It was absolutely amazing. I could pray to God and not get distracted. I could listen and hear, rather than have a bunch of random thoughts flood my mind. To my amazement, I realized I forgot how to pray. Or maybe I never knew this about myself in the first place. I thought praying quietly still in a room could be the same as praying running down the road. But sure enough, I am not wired to be able to focus while being still. My body must be moving somehow to stay focused. 

How is your prayer time pastor's wife? Has something changed? Is it hard to stay focused without getting distracted? Maybe you should try praying in a new way.

My church is challenging 21 minutes for 21 days. Want to join us as we set aside 21 minutes of prayer for 21 consecutive days?

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor