Strangers In The Church

We visited a church plant yesterday in Knoxville. One comment that stuck out to me before we left, was someone saying, "I noticed you guys know quite a few people here." To which we responded, "No, we have never met anyone here before." 

Church, we need to be a church that doesn't view people as strangers, but as lifelong friends. Friends who are brought together for one purpose, and that name is Jesus. Not only did that church have incredibly welcoming people. But, we didn't come into the church secluding ourselves because we were new. We are meant to be in community, on Sunday mornings, and throughout the week. Each and everyday your people encounters have purpose. 

As leaders of the church, we need to constantly be reminding ourselves, volunteers and staff that Sunday isn't about us. It is about every person we see. Loving them well, and serving them the best possible way that we can. People want to be known and be loved. We have to stop treating them like strangers. Had the volunteers and people of that church plant not been so welcoming, it would have completely changed our experience, and the atmosphere. Or had we avoided contact with others, and let fear of not knowing people hinder us, we would have missed perfect opportunities to build relationships with people. Relationships matter, even if we only meet that person once in our life.

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor