10 Things To Remember If You Love A Pastor

1. It can be difficult to turn off.

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Vintage Scarlett Photography

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Vintage Scarlett Photography

His mind can go non-stop when it comes to the church. This can get exhausting to his family, and friends. However, his dedication and love for the church is truly inspiring.

2.  He is a story teller.

Somehow the stories told from stage can turn into huge elaborate, funny, amazing stories they actually never were. Or, the pastor's wife believe it or not, sometimes has no idea what story he is telling. Regardless of the story, pastors' have a knack for making any story a great story. 

3. When he preaches, he preaches to himself too.

We are all on this journey. Just because He is preaching to the congregation doesn't mean he himself has it figured out. 

4. Pastor messes up.

Most people don't know it, or often don't see it. But he messes up. Thankfully he does mess up, that way he learns and has great sermon illustrations for the rest of us. 

5. The pastor is tight with the pastor's wife.

He leans on the pastor's wife. God made her his helper, and now pastor's wife. She is his cheerleader, encourager, lover, nudger, iron sharpener, and so on.  

6. He loves the church.

He talks more, thinks more, and does more for the bride of Christ than most things. Sometimes his family, and other things in life can get neglected because of his unwavering love, and dedication to what God has called him to. But, he does an amazing job loving people effortlessly. 

7.  He finds joy when people are a part.

Having others bought in to the vision, and committed to be a part of what God is doing, truly brings the pastor joy. 

8. He can carry a lot of stress.

Leading/pastoring a church isn't a walk in the park. He didn't get a handbook to go by. With pastoring a church comes a lot of weight. 

9. He isn't rich because people tithe.

Most pastors you can find praying over their mailboxes for God to bring a miracle. 

10. He has the greatest job in the world.

The most important job you could ever have on planet earth is loving the church, pointing people to Jesus, and making disciples. He gets the honor to do it full-time! 


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