10 Struggles A Pastor's Wife May Face

1. Figuring out she is in this role.

Keep flourishing as a pastor's wife exactly where you are.

2. Feeling inadequate, not good enough for role as pastor's wife.

You are more than good enough, and God has equipped you exactly where He has called you.

3. Finding balance and setting boundaries for her family and ministry. 

Have a  "family day" once a week with no ministry distractions. Set up boundaries together with your husband (pastor) for your family. 

4. Loneliness as a Pastor's wife.

There will be times of loneliness. But God never intended for it to be this way. Always be seeking a mentor, and a friend/fellow pastor's wife outside the church to talk to. And, never be afraid to have friends inside the church.

5. Being herself, and being willing to mess up.

We all mess up. But sometimes as pastors' wives we put expectations on ourselves that we need to have it "all together." We think if we mess up, then we have failed. Drop the expectations, and be you. If you mess up, remember you are just like everyone else, covered by grace.

6. Uncertain she will make it.

We all get to those days in ministry when giving up seems a lot easier than going on. Hang in there pastor's wife, a new season is coming.

7. Tired. Feeling burnt out.

Remember to rest. God knew the importance of resting, and encourages us to do so as well. Rest isn't vacation, but it is getting you to take the binoculars off, step back, and let Him refresh you and make you aware of everything around. In rest, we grow and He recharges us for battle again.

8. Hurt.

People will come and go, often the ones closest to us and our family. People we trust, and call friends. There will be a time they may leave, or the enemy tries to wiggle his way between you. When people go, bless them and encourage them to find another home. If the enemy starts shooting arrows, fight for their heart and love them through it. Love them through your hurt.

9. Disunity might come.

The enemy hates the church. He is constantly shooting arrows, and disunity is one of his favorite arrows. Fight for unity in the church, and cut out any weed breeding separation fast. 

10. Struggling with her identity.

Sometimes we can find our identity in being a pastor's wife. We have to remember our identity is found in Christ alone. Let him shape who we are, and say who we are. Not let our roles shape us. 

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