We Need Each Other To Flourish


Pastoring a church you come across all different sorts of personalities. I can remember meeting people, and with some knowing our personalities didn't gel. I would think to myself, we would never be friends. I would give myself permission not to expect anything more, or be disappointed by never becoming close friends with that particular person. Never giving a relationship the chance, I would steer clear like the black plague. You know those people? Or maybe that's just me. 

The more and more I read the bible, the more I realize Jesus surrounded himself with all different sorts of personalities. You have Peter, the brave, spontaneous, fighter. Thomas, the guy who just isn't sure about it. Judas, the sneaky, charmer. John the sensitive, lover of Jesus. And the list goes on. You have all these different personalities, that the most perfect human of all time decided to surround himself with. Can you imagine? If I were perfect, and I surrounded myself with a bunch of crazy personalities, I may or may not go nuts. 

But Jesus chose different people for a reason. He knew that they could learn and grow from one another. That they are effective together, because, they are all so different. People are built up because of one another, and are strengthened by each others strengths and weakness'. Christ knew that together, people could accomplish anything in Him.

We have to stop letting the enemy try to scare us away from people who are different than us. I love in Luke 22:15, Christ says, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer. A lot of us would not want our last dinner before we die to be full of people, with that one personality like Judas' that is going to betray us. But, it says Jesus looked forward to dinner. He was excited and eager to have it. Why? Because he loved his disciples. He loved them flaws and all. 

Start embracing and looking forward with eagerness to meet new people with different personalities. Because whether you see it or not, you need each other. And, just maybe Christ is going to use your relationship to accomplish greater things. Stop letting the enemy sneak thoughts, expectations, and fear into you before you get to know someone. We need people to flourish even more into who Christ calls us to be. 

Flourish Where You Are

"United in friendship and cause ... hearts set on pilgrimage"