Know Your Soil

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Reagan Wilder

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Reagan Wilder

I have a confession. I kill plants. I don't just kill ordinary plants, I kill the plants that are deemed impossible to kill. It is a talent, really. Did you know that there are different soils when it comes to gardening? Like plants, different soils need different watering needs. In order for plants to grow like they should, their soil needs the right amount of watering, moisture, nutrients, and a good balance of several other things to make the space hospitable for plants. So much care goes into a simple little plant.

"Soil provides a medium in which plants can grow. It serves as an anchor for the plant roots, and acts as a holding ‘tank’ of moisture that the roots can access when they need to." (Five Functions of Soils)

When I came into the role as pastor's wife, I didn't know what to expect. Like getting a new plant, you have to figure out the care that goes into it, to make it grow. I needed to figure out the care I needed to flourish in my call as pastor's wife. However, because of my own expectations to already be the perfect pastor's wife, as if a wand was magically waved. And, others expectations on me to be something I wasn't. It hindered me from the freedom to grow in this new season I stepped into. Weeds of expectations were choking me, and I didn't care to water and nourish myself. I was confused about my soil. 

Have you ever looked at someone else's call and have been a bit jealous? They just really have it going on! We think to ourselves, "I want to be that." They are the beautiful flower in the garden, and here we are looking puny about to fall over. Let me tell you now, it isn't because their calling/title is better. God didn't give them better soil than you. They have just learned to not let expectations hinder their growth, and spend their time watering and flourishing into who God is creating them to be. They are in tune with their call (soil) and know exactly what it takes to nurture and grow.

In order for us to flourish in our own lives, we must know our soil. My soil is pastor's wife, mother, friend, writer, daughter, and so on. In order to be the best I can be, I need to be aware of where God has called me to be, and continuously flourish and grow in it. I have to stop longing to be someone I'm not. And start being who God is calling me to be today, so that I can flourish and grow into who He desires me to be tomorrow. Flowers don't just appear. We so often long to already be a beautiful flower, perfect, flawless. But flowers were once were a seed, that turned into a tiny little plant, that kept growing, that one day flourished into the flower you see today.