Are you Listening?

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Kevin Rooney

Photo Credit & All Rights Reserved ©2015 Kevin Rooney

"I don't wake up in the morning hoping God will speak. I wake up in the morning knowing He is speaking. I only hope I am listening."

Goodness me. Life is so crazy loud. Hear me, I know you don't need another blog from another person telling you how loud and busy life is. You know that first hand with all the titles you carry as mother, wife, pastor's wife, woman in ministry, and so on. But I heard someone say this the other day, and it stuck with me. So many times throughout the day and the week I never take time to listen to Jesus. 

I run through the day to day routines of being a mama, home-maker, and wife. I find myself never settling down until Sunday morning. Even then, as pastors' wives we have so many things racing through our minds. Whether that be on a volunteer who didn't show up, how the microphone is feeding back, what the woman said in the lobby, or so on. Let's be honest, taking time to listen takes some effort.

Don't get me wrong. God has spoke to my heart many times through the loudness and business of a day, and in the times I cut out to dive into His word. But how much more is He speaking to me when I am not listening? I know taking time out of your day to listen will be uncomfortable. For me, a mama of 3 littles, taking time would be cutting my sleep short to wake up early in the morning to find that time with Jesus. Maybe for you, it is catching it during lunch hour, or late at night when your house has settled. 

Pastors' wives, I need Jesus' words to ever be in my heart. Everyday. I want to challenge us all to start training our hearts, and minds to listen better. Are you with me?

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor