Bad Advice We Were Given As Church Planters

One of the worst pieces of advice we got going into church planting was, "Don't be too quick to hire anyone or set someone in a team role." Sounds like good advice doesn't it? No one wants to hire or put someone in a role that they can't do. What if they mess up? What if they make the church look bad? What if they chew with their mouth open. (ok scratch the last part)


Before I go on to why it was the worst piece of advice, let me tell you why it could be good advice too. We as leaders need to equip people. We shouldn't just place anyone anywhere without helping them figure out their gifts as well as us figure out what their hearts and dreams are. Throwing anyone who shows up who seems interested, into a significant role can be dangerous. We should cover everything in prayer and be discerning when it comes to delegating roles to people.

Now, on to why this was one of the worst pieces of advice we got. This advice set my husband and I up to not think team minded. Instead of building a team and placing people in roles who were equipped, willing, and ready to serve. We didn't. Out of fear people would mess things up, we handled it all on our own. We gave people small Sunday morning tasks, but as for the big stuff, leave that to us. We for the first few years ran the church off of what we could do and get done alone. Let me tell you now, the church isn't and can not be run off the talents of one or two, but the sacrifices of many. Unfortunately, it took us a while to figure out the advice we had been fed was hindering us.

We leaders, pastors need to raise people up. We need to love them well, and not have us the end goal. We shouldn't hold on to certain roles and areas of the church for long. We need to be team minded, and constantly replacing ourselves with people who are called to that area. I know in the beginning we are filling many roles. The pastor is doing set up and tear down. The pastor's wife is running the children's area. The pastor and his wife are doing anything and everything, because the team hasn't been built yet. There is nothing wrong with that. But, it is when we hold on to areas, and don't raise people up to fill them for fear they won't do it how we want it, or will mess something up that is wrong. 

Let me clear the air now. Firing someone can get uncomfortable. Asking someone to step down for a bit may sting a little. Asking someone to serve in a different area may get weird. But we can't allow the fear of uncomfortable to keep us from building a team. We weren't created to work alone. The pastor and his wife aren't suppose to run the church. When we hold on to areas we hinder the church from growth. People who are wired for something that don't get to use their gifts get burnt out and frustrated. Trust me, they will find somewhere else they can use their gifts and be a part of a church team.

People may do things a bit different. They will mess up. The enemy will try to bring disunity and keep a team from forming. We have to recognize how important a team, a group of people working together is, and how the enemy wants to do anything to keep it from happening. The church is unstoppable when they are together in unity.

God's desire for His church was never for the pastor and his wife to run it. 

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor