When You Leak...

"When you feel negativity towards someone, even if you say nothing to them about it, you leak. They can feel it." Jenn Johnson


How true is this? How many of you have been on the end of feeling someone leak, and have been on the end of leaking negativity? I know I have. It is a yucky feeling either end you are on. The moment you or the other feel negativity, is the moment when disunity has initiated. Exactly the enemy's plan to destroy this particular relationship. And no relationship is an exception, the enemy is out to destroy all unity among the church. 

We must be better about sitting down and talking to people. Disunity doesn't just walk away, it breeds. Even if you think time has passed, and you have moved on, somewhere down the road it will leak later in your life. God never intended for disunity, quarreling, controversy, confusion, and  strife. 

Love people, and lead the way in teaching people how important unity is. Pastor's wife when you feel negativity towards someone, pray, and then talk to them in love about how you feel. When you feel someone leaking towards you, pray and then sit down and ask them about what you are feeling. I know this can be hard, most of the time no one wants to deal with conflict if there is any. But sometimes we need to go through hard situations and circumstances that can ultimately bring us and bond us even closer together in unity. 

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor