Getting our Ducks in a Row!

Did any of you get the chance to rest sometime this week from the demands of full-time ministry,  full-time mommy, rest from any and all the titles you hold? Maybe you planned to rest, but life got a bit more demanding. Maybe a quiet moment of rest with Jesus seems out of reach for you right now. It does for me too.

I am currently holding a crying sick toddler who is relentless, trying to write, and keeping the brother battles at bay. All while my mind is in a thousand places and this season of rest my husband and I have been on for nearly a year approaches its end in April. Trying to pray through finances, what's next, where we are headed, church planting, and so on. Plus find the time to get quiet with Jesus, read the word, and just be before my Savior. Life surely doesn't slow down for us, nor does it speed up. Time keeps ticking without permission.

Pastor's wife, I don't know what your day looks like. I don't know what your week holds. Sometimes we long so deeply for the next season to be here already, yet at the same time wish our life would slow down a bit so we can breathe. Frankly, if only all the ducks could be in a row. Ministry thriving, abundance of finances, countless friends in ministry living this thing out,  plenty of time to rest, perfect marriage…If it all looked like we wished then maybe rest might seem more tangible. 

As I look back over the past seasons of church planting, I don't think I ever had all the ducks in a row. Sure, there were seasons where some parts looked ideal, but other parts weren't exactly lined up with what I had planned. I think if we stop longing for the next season, and just be satisfied where we are ducks in a row or not just maybe we can breathe again. Or maybe if we stop thinking about how we don't have time to rest, and just make it happen, then maybe we will become satisfied again among the chaos life brings. 

Without Jesus the center of it all we will never be satisfied. 

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor