A Day to Yourself..

A lot of us can run ourselves on fumes with all the day to day things we have to do. The demands of who we are as pastor's wife, full time mother, friend, leader, and the titles can add on. Rest is what we need whether we long for it or not. There have been seasons my husband (pastor) and I have needed rest so badly from the demands of leading a church.

Maybe that is you. Maybe you can't possibly see the time to get away right now for a week or two, to just rest from life, recharge, and be with Jesus. But what if I told you you can today. Just for an hour, or maybe several hours, or even all day. Is there any part of your life today you can reschedule? Maybe whatever you have going on is important. 

Whatever it is holding you back from resting today, let it go. God rested on the seventh day, Jesus got away and rested. Jesus probably had some very important things going on, however He sent His disciples ahead and got away alone with God. He knew the importance of rest in His life.  

I am urging you to find some time today to go rest with the Father. Sometimes when we can't get away for a week or two, we need to find the time in our day to day life to rest. So here is to today, a moment, an hour, all day, to just breathing and letting go of our responsibilities to recharge with our Savior.

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor


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