One Bad Decision

The story of Joseph is one of my favorite stories in the bible. It is a powerhouse of a story about forgiveness. While listening to the story retold in church yesterday, I couldn't help but look at the story from a new perspective. Instead of being blown away by Joseph's forgiving heart, I couldn't help but marvel at the story of his brothers. How through one bad decision, God used it for their good. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the love of our father, that even through their sin and awful decision to sell their brother into slavery, God loved those brothers so much that He used their decision for their own good. Because they sold Joseph into slavery, this allowed them to be saved by their brother when the famine came. 

As leaders, we desire to always make the best decisions for our families, the church God has us in a position to lead, and in life. But if we are all a little more honest with ourselves, if we look back over the years of ministry there have probably been one or two bad decisions along the way. Decisions, we may have decided quickly out of flesh, or made too soon before seeking Jesus and wisdom from people in our life. Decisions that have led to a circumstance or unfolding we wouldn't have chosen. But I can guarantee through all of it God has used to turn to good. There have been many times I have made decisions that haven't been the best these past five years of ministry. But through them, I have seen God grow me, work it out for my good, and make me stronger to endure hard things that have come my way.

No, I may not want to make those bad decisions again, and I don't want to live carefree knowing if I make any decision I want then God will turn it for my good. God wants us to seek Him, work in the spirit, and make all the right decisions. But He also knows, we have a sinful flesh, and sometimes make bad decisions. But through our ugly, He is not bound. He far surpasses our understanding and can give forgiveness, grace, mercy, and abounding love to work a bad decision together for our good. 

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor