The Heart Of Jesus



We need to give all of our hearts to Jesus. If we start allowing our hearts to be Jesus' heartbeat then we just may be able to look at people differently. If we give Jesus ALL of our heart, it will ultimately transform our mind and our eyes. We will see people differently, and think differently about people. Jesus did not allow the imperfections and the flesh of this world to affect who he was and how he saw people.

People don't need conditional love. We are suppose to be lights of this world, shining Jesus onto people. If what we give them is conditional, that is how they will see Jesus. But you and I both know, Jesus is not conditional. He loves unconditionally, and so should we. But how can we? We must let our heartbeats, be Jesus' heartbeat. And start showing people, the true Jesus you and I both know.

Pastors' wives hurt comes quick. The devil has you in his target, and he is ready to shoot his arrow any way he can to dismantle your marriage, and the church he has called you and your husband to. That little pocket of your heart you still hold close, give it to Jesus so your heart can start beating Jesus. People need you as a leader to give unconditional love back to the people.


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