To Love Unconditionally...

When people hurt me, say mean things, or are downright evil it is so easy in my nature to not want to be around them. If that person now or in my past is going to be a time bomb, I don't need that in my life. In my past I have had people who have hurt me, family members, friends, and so on. It is easier to write people off, than continue being a presence in their lives and get hurt.

Unfortunately, as perfect as I am, I fall victim to this. And I know, as perfect as you are, you may fall victim to this too. We live in a fallen world. 

Last night I learned a valuable lesson I will never forget. I have close friends in my life who spoke strait to this struggle. To love like Jesus loved. I mean, I have always read that in the bible, and I believe it. I also love people. I am a pastor's wife of a church, and I have heard many stories of what people have come through and their struggles and have loved them. But these aren't the people I am talking about. It is easy to love people who don't hurt me. I am talking about those who hurt me, do I love them well?

The answer is often a no, I don't love them well. I would say I forgive and love the person, but I don't necessarily like the person's lifestyle and I don't desire to be around the person. I will love them at a distance, and if I happen to run into them, I will say hi and be cordial. But I don't need to be constant in their lives anymore. This will protect me from any hurt, or my children from being exposed to this lifestyle. However, you and I both know it. This is not loving fully. Unfortunately, I have my eyes focused on me rather than they. They need me whether or not I think I need them. They still need a constant unwavering love in their lives regardless if they treat me like they should. 

To love as Jesus loved we have got to stop protecting ourselves and love people like Jesus loved people. He loved unconditionally. If you are waiting for someone to change or an apology, stop. Forgive and love, forgive and love. Fully love. Don't just love halfway. Die to me, so it is no longer me, but Christ who lives in me. We can't fully love, until we die fully to ourselves and allow Christ through us to fully love these people. We have got to die to ourselves daily, every minute, and every second of everyday. It is a constant battle. 

In the end, when the person is on his last day who will he call on? Will that person call on you, because you have been a constant unwavering unconditional love of Christ in their life? Or will they call on someone else because you shook like a leaf, and ran when things got tough?

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor