Where Are Miracles in 2014?

Miracles are everywhere in the bible. We see a miracle here and a miracle there, and wonder why we don't see miracles happening now in 2014. Ever wonder if we are the reason why we don't see miracles? I mean think about it. We have a solution for everything now. A Dr. or medicine for every sickness, a pill for every symptom, money to fix problems, and so on. 

If we have a solution for every problem, where are we leaving room for God? God doesn't have to get involved if we can do it ourselves. It will be easier to take credit or boast in ourselves if we handle things ourself. Dream bigger so its only God who can do it! If we don't give God something to work with he's probably not going to resource it. 

Over the past five years of ministry, I can remember many miracles that happened in my life that I didn't recognize as miracles. Some may call it blessings, but really, whats the difference. The air in my lungs is a miracle. My every heart beat is a miracle. My son being healed from his severe food allergies, the house we are in, the van that was given to us, and many more. 

Be thankful for the blessings and miracles that God has given you in your past, and leave room for him now, and in your future to work and move in ways that will far surpass your understanding.

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor