A Letter Of Thanks

Today I want to thank my viewers and fellow pastors' wives who have bought into this ministry. I am so thankful to have reached so many in the United States, and many others in the UK, Syngapore, and places I don't even know.  You have responded, and it has been encouraging. Thank you for your comments and emails, reaching out and sharing your stories. 

This blog is meant for you and me to have a place of encouragement, and to relate to one another as we walk through ministry, sharing and experiences some of the same triumphs and trials. 

Here is a quick update:

1. We have been selling shirts weekly all over the nation since I Sleep With The Pastor launched. Wear it proud pastors' wives. (Feel free if you have an Instagram, to take a picture in your shirt and hashtag #isleepwiththepastor

2.In two weeks, I plan to launch a guest blog once a week. This will be a time to hear encouragement from another pastor's wife, and maybe have the opportunity to relate to the season she is walking through currently. 

3. If you haven't joined/liked the Facebook group "I Sleep With The Pastor" feel free to join. This is not only a place to keep up with whats going on with this ministry, but it is a place for open dialog. Join other pastors' wives and dialog about what you are going through, prayer needs, triumphant stories, ect. 

4. I Sleep With The Pastor is about to launch: Question of the Week. I will be choosing one question a week to answer. These will be anonymous questions posted to the blog, and my answer to that question. Email your questions to isleepwiththepastor@gmail.com All other questions not chosen, will have an email response to them. 


We are all in this together, building God's kingdom along side our husbands. 

Join the movement


xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor