Story Behind I Sleep With The Pastor


I went to a conference called Leading and Loving It last November in Nashville, TN. This conference and ministry is to equip and encourage Pastors' wives and women in ministry. At the conference they strategically placed women at tables with other women who were in the same role in ministry. I sat at the table with about eight other women who were church planters' wives and we had an instant bond with each other. We all shared similar stories, and had experienced a lot of the same situations, and therefore we could encourage one another through it. 

The last evening we all opened up and became really raw with one another. One lady was going through a church closing its doors, due to lack of finances. Another lady had just started the church planting process, and some of the group was seasoned pastors' wives. Others were frantically holding on for the ride. We cried, laughed, and encouraged one another that night.

It was truly inspiring to be with ladies who have an are walking through life as a Pastors' wife.

The weeks to follow I couldn't get, I sleep with the pastor thought out of my head.  How the reality of sleeping with the pastor applied so many ways in my life, and the circumstances I have walked through in ministry as a Pastor's wife.

For all those times people put expectations on me, and said hurtful things, whatever, I sleep with the Pastor. For all the times I haven't felt equipped enough, God has, and he called me to, I sleep with the Pastor. For that time a woman pursued my husband in the church, I sleep with the Pastor. 

It applied to my life, and I knew it would apply to so many other Pastors wives too in whatever circumstance they were walking through in this role. So that month my sweet husband had a friend get the shirt printed for me as a gift for Christmas. I was surprised with it come December, and then it became very real for me. I knew I had to share it with other wives in ministry, and I knew I needed to start gearing my blog to encourage Pastors' wives. 

So ladies, wherever we are in our walk in ministry we are all in this together. Building the kingdom along side our husbands, and we can walk in the spirit with confidence knowing -I sleep with the Pastor.

xo a girl who sleeps with the pastor