Washer 101 (8/25/12)

35 Days ago, and I quote, "Our apt has flooded. Pray for us ha. #Ineedarainbow."

Jim and I were busy scurrying around the house cleaning up last minute messes, for our dinner with friends that Saturday night. Little did we know our washer was overflowing gallons of water just a room away. Minutes later, Jim walks down the hall, to sopping wet carpet, yelling, "Jess, hurry, the washer!!"

I come running in to see what all the commotion is, and to my surprise, our good ole washer decided to make our house a sopping wet pool party for our soon to have guests. To express to you just how much water came out of that washer, our neighbor below had water spewing from his light sockets, his electrical unit was going haywire, and his alarms were beeping as if the water meant fire. Our carpet had to be ripped up from the hallway, to dining room, to living room, to partly Justus' bedroom and have fans blow for a few days before relaying. Quite a catastrophe, needless to say, it all worked out in Jim's favor that night because we got to eat at his favorite restaurant Chuy's, and hang out with our new worship leader, and band members.

This past Tuesday morning, 30 days later, we have our new washer. In those thirty days, there were bath tub washings, which I must say, if you want muscles in a short period of time, wash your clothes in the bath tub. Shew weee. A couple laundry mat visits, washing clothes at a friend's house, and sometimes making do without. Over that period of time, we considered buying a scratch and dent washer (but not really), hoping for a free washer, scoping out super cheap washers on craigslist, and ultimately trusting God, that he has a plan in all things.

About midway through the no washer season, a friend in Cookeville messaged me and said she was moving into a new house her family just purchased, and they already have a washer and dryer, so they would not be needing the ones in the new house. She said, if I want the washer, its all mine, but i need to wait a few weeks longer until the move date. I smiled to myself at how awesome our Lord is, and without hesitation responded YES, I want it!

Tuesday morning, some awesome friends headed to Cookeville to pick up the washer. Coming through the door hours later, with a like brand new Whirlpool Washer. Wow, I said. 

This past week, catching up on my much overdue laundry mess, the Lord has taught me three things.

First, in Luke 6:38, Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give, will determine the amount you get back. 

Jim and I before moving into this place in April, moved to a location that already had a washer and dryer, so we gave our washer, and brand new dryer to some friends in need to borrow. Getting it back, in April, having it break in July. Then receiving a brand new Whirlpool 30 days later, we could never afford, was a blessing beyond measure. So I encourage you others, give when you have, and be blessed when your in need. 

Second, Ecclesiastes 6:9, Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you do not have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless-like chasing the wind.

As I sat and folded my fresh, crisp laundry from my amazing new washer, I looked around. I looked around, and saw our couches that were given to us, the table we found on the side of the road, our chairs we were given for free, smelling my laundry from a washer we recently received, and countless items that fill our home that were given to us as a blessing. It is easy for us to get caught up in materialism, buying the newest, best, most up to date item. From experience, things get old, they break down, go out of date, flood your home. They are all meaningless things. And what joy it is to look around my house and have a story of every little blessing that fills my house, and not get caught up in the meaningless things of this world. 

Third, I have never been more thankful for a washer and clean clothes. If my washer would not have broke and flooded our apartment, I would not have known the value, or have been as grateful and thankful for such a thing we often take for granted.

 I encourage you to give thanks in everything, you never know how long its going to last.

 And lastly, when your washer floods your apartment one day, laugh and make sure you have renters insurance, because it cover all damages, FOR FREE. Hallelujah.

(Thank you to Matt Wright, and band members for being flexible that evening of the flood. Thank you to a humorous husband that got things done. Big thank you to Emy, and Hamil who helped retrieve the washer from Cookeville back to Nashville. Lastly, a huge thank you to Kristy Mckenzie and her family for blessing mine with a washer.)