Knitted Together (2/8/11)

I watch these movies such as The Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants or Blue Crush and get jealous. I long for friendships in life that are raw, and real. I have been on this earth for twenty something years now and have yet to find that true friendship. I have my husband which is my best friend in the whole world. But that is different, I am talking about a sisterhood. Girls to be real with, and to have them be real back. To look at a best friend and say, "Hey, I am struggling with this." Or to be able to say, "This really stinks, lets go through it together."

What I have recently discovered is girls long to look perfect and have everything under control. Under our massive fascade of dresses and boots, and a pretty smile we are longing for something deeper with one another. Which leads me to my previous blog, "Seventy Times Seven" calling us to love one another unconditionally. Lets get real, we aren't perfect which ultimately leads us on a lonely long road wishing we could all be real together.

This morning in bed, feeling pitiful and unloved, I asked Jim why he loved me. He said, "I don't know why I love you, I just do. I love you just because. You could change everything about you and become a different person and I would still love you." Wow! He didn't have an answer. It wasn't because he thinks I am pretty, or because I have a great personality that makes him laugh. He doesn't know why he loves me, he just does. That is the love I am talking about.

I desire the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in my own life. I want a group of girls in my life, all different in our own way but love each other no matter what. Get silly together, laugh together, cry together, get mad together, and love the King of Kings together.